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When you borrow money from a lender, you have to try to be sure you are making the right decision. Many 1 hour payday direct lenders frown upon late payments and therefore, if you are the kind of person who consistently forgets to pay your bills, then you may have a big problem with any forms of loans and or credit cards. Borrowing is a privilege not a right there fore, you should put yourself in the lenders shoes when you decide to apply for and receive a loan or credit card. They are usually thinking will this person pay me back, and if you are the kind who wont then you will most likely be denied. 

There are stringent criteria including income levels that you must meet when you get serious about applying for and getting approved for funds. And a lender will not usually accept more than 3 late payments before taking actions! The actions that are usually taken against a borrower who does not pay their loans on time are numerous and painful. They usually include

#1 Repossession of the borrowers assets to satisfy the loan debt
This is when they seize possession of whatever item and or items they can to satisfactorily pay off the loan debt. It is one of the most drastic moves that the majority of lenders can make, and it will hurt your asset since it will not be yours anymore and most likely the lender will sell it off asap.

#2 Filing a complaint in court in which judge summons borrower to court
This is when the lender and their legal team sits in front of a judge to complain about a debt that you owe, in effort to get a judge to summon you to court to explain why you have not been making your payments and when you will be able to resume.

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