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When you are looking to get approved for direct deposit loans on in minutes it is best to be careful since these loans are not usually given easily. Part of our job as lenders is to be sure you meet the qualifications in order to be approved in the first place, and our criterions are not simple to over come. Quite frankly, you need to first and foremost, be able to prove to us that your credit even if not perfect is being built up and the only way you can do this is by performing three different tasks over a sustained period of time. Those tasks are 1- Move your debts from the missed payment category to the paid off category First step to clearing up your credit is moving each one of the debts on your credit report to the category it belongs in. These different categories determine how lenders see your credit report, and by sliding more of your debt in to the paid off category you will see bigger gains than you ever saw when it comes down to your credit score. 2- You need to show consistency in maintaining low levels of debts on your credit report You need to show creditors that you are not just taking out debts for the fun of it, at most you should aim to get approved for 2 to 3 new credit cards or loan obligations, per YEAR. No more no less. More than this sends signals to the lender, that you are not able to maintain your current debt balances and this is when they begin to restrict your credit usages. Other than these tasks you must be able to grasp the concept of, giving money back when you get paid. Some people think like ill take out this loan, and then when it is time to pay them back ill make an excuse but unfortunately if you are this kind of person your borrowing wont last long since lenders like reliable borrowers, meaning a life event should not be happening every 5 seconds that will stop you from making payments on time. You need to be able to keep handling your day to day business in order to successfully complete payments to your creditors as soon as its due. Once you do this over a sustained period of time, then you will begin to see the rewards of your borrowing.