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When you are looking for a high quality payday loans direct lender it is important to understand that on the internet many lenders are intermediary, and what that means is they do not make the exact lending decisions themselves they merely refer you to a lender that is qualified to make that decision to lend to you and for a certain amount. It is important if you want to get a loan from a payday loans weekend payout direct lender that first and fore most you meet each and every single qualification that there is to meet in order to get approved for the amount you would like. It is not easy to get approved for a lot of money on the internet and therefore you need to make sure your financial profile is in pristine condition before even thinking of applying for loans. There are two things more than any thing that a 1 hour direct deposit loans lender will be looking for, before they grant you the funds you would like. #1- Your income levels While it is true as many financial analysts point to the fact that you dont need a high disposable income in order to get approved for a loan one fact definitely stands, and that is the higher the amount of the loan you would like, the more income your going to need to be able to show the creditors you bring in, since they directly correlate more income with more likelihood that you will pay it back and not go into default status when they give you the loan you requested. #2- Your current debts For payday loans this does not actually weigh on the lenders decision however, when you start requesting other kinds of loans and credit products this is definitely something you are going to need to work hard to reign in, since lenders will use this information against you determining how much of a credit risk you are to their company.